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About Our Program

The mission of Mighty Oaks Enrichment Center is to provide fun, hands on, supplemental classes to assist families in the home education of their children.   At Mighty Oaks all subjects are taught with a Christ-centered Biblical perspective.

Fast Facts:

  • We offer enrichment classes for kindergartners-12th graders two days per week. Students turning 5 on or before August 31st are welcome to enroll in kindergarten. See our class schedule link for more detailed information about what classes are available.
  • We are committed to keeping class sizes small. Max class size is 12 students for kindergarten classes and 14 students for 1st-12th.
    All grade levels–Non-Refundable Registration Fee:
    $50 for 1 student
    $100 per family with multiple students.
    For parents with 3 or more students in the program, we offer a discounted rate for the 3rd student and beyond of 50% per student. This is for full-time students only.
    K-6th Grade Enrichment
    Yearly $1175 per student can be broken into 10 payments of $117.50 per month. Students starting midyear may choose to set up a monthly payment plan at the time of enrollment to be paid in full no later than May 15th of the current academic year.
    Automatic payments can be set-up. Families may also choose to pay via cash or check.
    Students in 2-6th grade will also need to purchase science text and journals for use at Mighty Oaks. These may be used or new.
    7th-12th Grade 
    All amounts are yearly
    Full Time: $1350
    1 Hour/1 Day Per Week Class: $125
    1 Hour/2 Day Per Week Class: $250
    **Some 7th-12th grade classes also have a curriculum/materials fee.
  • K-6th Grade classes utilize a variety of curriculum programs that complement any program families choose to use at home. We do not have expectations that families purchase certain curriculum to use at home.
  • For 7th-12th grade curriculum questions, please contact us as this varies depending on if students are enrolled in Tapestry.

For more information, please contact us.


(913)938-6284 (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm)