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About Our Program

The mission of Mighty Oaks Enrichment Center is to provide fun, hands on, supplemental classes to assist families in the home education of their children.   At Mighty Oaks all subjects are taught with a Christ-centered Biblical perspective.


  • We offer enrichment classes for kindergartners-12th graders two days per week. Students turning 5 on or before August 31st are welcome to enroll in kindergarten. Students turning 5 after August 31st 2020 will be eligible for kindergarten enrollment in August 2021.
  • We are committed to keeping class sizes small.
    Maximum Class Sizes:
    Kindergarten-2nd Grades 12 students
    3rd-6th Grades-14 students
    7th-8th Grades-14 students
    9th-12th Grades-14 students
  • Please see our ‘Class Schedules’ link for more detailed information about what classes are offered.
  • K-6 program is two days per week, part time enrollment is not available.
  • 7-12 program is two days per week, full-time students will be given priority and part-time students are accepted based on availability.

TUITION All grade levels–Non-Refundable Registration Fee:
$50 per family with 1 student
$100 per family with multiple students.
For families with 3 or more full-time students in the program, we offer a discounted rate for the 3rd student and beyond of 50% per student. This is for full-time students only.
K-6th Grade Enrichment
Yearly fee of $1300 per student can be broken into 10 payments of $130 per month. Students starting midyear may choose to set up a monthly payment plan at the time of enrollment to be paid in full no later than May 15th of the current academic year.
Payments can be set-up through bill-pay with your bank. Families may also choose to pay via cash or check.
Students in 2-6th grade will also need to purchase science text and journals for use at Mighty Oaks. These may be used or new.
7th-12th Grade 
All amounts are yearly, these can be broken into 10 monthly payments.

Full Time: $1800

Full Time plus 7th Hour: $2100

Part Time:

1 Hour/1 Day Per Week Class: $150
1 Hour/2 Day Per Week Class: $300
**Some 7th-12th grade classes also have a curriculum/materials fee.


Grade Level               Curriculum Program(s) Utilized
Kindergarten               *Theme Based


First Grade                  *Five in a Row                                  

Second Grade            *Expedition Earth
                                    *Apologia Swimming Creatures

*K-2nd students also participate in Music, PE, Art, and Spanish classes, as well as a 30-minute recess.

Third-Sixth Grades     

*Apologia (Science):
-3rd Grade: Astronomy
-4th Grade: Zoology
-5th Grade: Chem-Physics
-6th Grade: Anatomy

*Story of the World (History)
-This is on a 4-year cycle 2020-2021 is Year 4
*3-6th students also participate in Art, Music, PE, Foreign Language (Sign or Spanish), Reader’s Theater/Communications and a 20-minute recess called Team Time. Team Time is also the time students pass birthday treats and celebrate holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day with their grade-level peers.

Seventh-Twelfth Grades

*Tapestry of Grace Curriculum – 2020-2021 cycle is Year 4


-Language Arts/English



A Year 4 TOG book list is available upon request after April 1st, 2020

*Apologia (Science)

-General Science
-Physical Science


-Fundamentals of Math
-Pre Algebra
-Algebra I
-Algebra II

*High School Spanish 1 & 2

*High School ASL 1

*7-12th Graders may also take electives such as Art, Theater, Yearbook, & Foreign Language (ASL or Spanish).

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please see the ‘Contact Us’ tab.