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Tuition and Fees – 2023/2024


Non-Refundable Registration Fee
$50 per family with 1 student
$100 per family with multiple students.

Student Fee*
$50 per elementary student
$100 per middle/high school student
*Some 7th-12th grade classes also have a curriculum/materials fee.


For families with 3 or more full-time students in the program, we offer a discounted rate for the 3rd student and beyond of 50% per student. This is for full-time students only.

K-6th Grade
Yearly fee of $1500 per student can be broken into 10 payments of $150 per month. Students starting midyear may choose to set up a monthly payment plan at the time of enrollment to be paid in full no later than May 15th of the current academic year.

Auto payments can be set-up through your bank. Families may also choose to pay via cash, check, Venmo, or PayPal.

7th-12th Grade 
All amounts are yearly, and can be broken into 10 monthly payments.

Full Time (6 hours): $1800

Full Time plus 7th Hour: $2100

Part Time:
1 Day Per Week Class: $150
2 Days Per Week Class: $300